We caught an Alfonsin this month and had Poseidon Fisheries age it using the ear bones/otoliths.
Fisheries scientists study different aspects of a fish's life and development, including growth, maturity, and natural mortality. Scientists specifically assess the age and growth rates of fish species by studying fish ear stones, called otoliths. 
Otoliths reveal the ages of individual fish, almost like counting the rings in a tree. 
Knowing the age distribution of a fish population helps to better monitor, assess, and manage stocks for long-term benefits. 
Scientists and fisheries managers can use these data to help understand how fish populations react to commercial and recreational fishing and environmental stressors, such as predation, pollution, and climate change.
Count the rings of the otoliths under a microscope ⭕️ 
It is a female and she is 43 years old.
Captain Amanda Padilla
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